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About Us


Solution Experience

Netto Solutions was founded in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. We are powered by an experienced team with more than 8 years of experience, expanding our reach across Malaysia and Singapore, helping customers ranging from small start-ups companies to multinational companies work smarter through our customized solutions.

Netto Solutions bears great ambition in mind, that is “Simplifying business” for all businesses. We believe that the best creative and IT solutions should be direct and easy to understand while maintaining its effectiveness!

Our team focuses on a business life cycle model which critically analyze each stage of a business to solve business challenges. Businesses can expect better productivity, further cost and resource savings and better optimization in business operations after undergoing the process.

Our Brand Promise


Our Vision

To be the best trusted and most
reliable IT Consulting Partner.


Our Mission

To optimise productivity of corporate
enterprises through digital
transformation to achieve full
business potential.


Core Value

E – Excellence
L – Learning
I – Integrity
T – Teamwork
E – Entrepreneurship

Our Support

Startup Stage

Decision making in this stage is the key for your business future direction. Netto Solutions provides deep insights and reliable market research data that includes hardware and software audits to guide you in making key decisions to achieve your business goals.

Expansion Stage

We provide powerful solutions to simplify and automate your business process like logistics, tracking, cost strategies and marketing investments to create an efficient model for you business.

Maturity Stage

Our team helps your business create a highly cost-efficient outsourcing business process so that you can focus on your business core strength and main goals. Each strategy and model is customized to meet your business

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